A Hut in the Woolshed

“It is now known for a certainty that Byrne often slept on the premises of a man who lives within two miles of Beechworth. This man, on hearing of the destruction of the gang and the death of Byrne, absolutely shed tears.”

The man may have been Dick Murphy, a Sebastopol local who was a firm sympathiser of Joe’s. Joe was noted to have been sleeping in his abandoned hut, which was also the hut Anne Sherritt spotted him mounting Music outside of, while she was engaged looking for cattle. It could also be possible that the haystacks he was seeking refuge in before the Glenrowan tragedy were also Murphy’s. Having men like Dick Murphy, Archibald Batchelor, James Chappell and Chinese miners such as Ah Nam, allowed Joe to stay in the area he knew, among men he could trust.

The Argus, August 8, 1880

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