A Roan Coloured Calf

In late January 1876, Joe and Aaron bring a roan coloured calf into Camp Street to be slaughtered by Sherritt butcher James Warner. The calf isn’t branded and Aaron tells the butcher he would like the hide back for the purpose of making whips. As it is a hot day and Warner being without pigs, agrees to give Aaron the hide and head of the heifer. A price is settled upon, with the agreement noted in Warner’s record book. Joe and Aaron wait around the yards until the calf has been and then head back to Sheepstation Creek with the hide and the head. Later that day, mounted constable Patrick Mullane, who at this time is inspector of slaughter yards, hears of the transaction between Aaron and the butcher. He rides to Warner’s yard and demands to see the hide, with the law requiring butchers to keep them for one month. Without having the hide in his possession, or being able to recall whether the calf was branded, Warner is fined 5 pounds.

It should be noted that no charge was ever brought against Aaron for the heifer. We do know from Aaron himself that the Sherritt’s kept roan cattle, but given Joe and Aaron’s tendencies of claiming strayed horses and cattle, the possibility the calf was stolen must also be entertained.

From the Ovens and Murray Advertiser, February 3rd, 1876.

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