A Threatening Letter

On the 1st of September 1879, Joe rode to the Sherritt selection at Sheepstation Creek with a ‘threatening letter’ he had written, addressed to Detective Ward. He found Jack busy harrowing and told him he had a letter he wanted posting and that it would be requiring a stamp. Jack was hesitant, but agreed when Joe told him he would be paid for his trouble. Taking the letter from Joe, Jack promised to post it at the earliest opportunity, with the outlaw threatening him that he would be shot if he told who the letter was from.

Two weeks later, the Ovens and Murray Advertiser made reference to the letter Ward had received, which warned the Detective ‘to prepare for his latter end.’ Seeing the letter had met its target, Joe left 2 pounds in silver for Jack on the 19th of September.

Illustration by Aidan Phelan.

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