The Kelly Gang in Sebastopol

While Anne Jane Sherritt was riding back to Sheepstation Creek on the night of the 24th May in 1880, she called in at the Byrne house. While she was there Joe and Dan came to the house, with “each of them leading a horse and riding another”. She further described that “Mrs Byrne came out” when “there was a whistle, and after a little bit Ned Kelly and Hart came on foot, from the back of the place like, and those two came up the front of the house and got their provisions. There was some bread and I think boiled bacon, and then Patsy Byrne went up to the Woolshed and he brought something down in a bottle and gave it to them, and Patsy said, “Which way did you come?” And Joe says, “The way we always come. We came down the steepest part of Wall’s Gully.”

From the Royal Commission.

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