Not a Bloodthirsty Scoundrel

‘Dan Kelly was the youngest of “Red” Kelly’s three sons. All accounts of him show that he was of a quieter and less forceful nature than his brother Ned, although the general public have been led, through the vicious misrepresentation by the police, to regard him as a treacherous and bloodthirsty scoundrel. This misrepresentation was encouraged to some extent by the remarks of his brother Ned when addressing the men imprisoned in the storeroom at Faithful’s Creek station near Euroa. In order to prevent anyone from attempting to escape Ned Kelly said: “If any of you try to escape, Dan Kelly and Steve Hart will shoot you down like rabbits just for the fun of it.” This was taken literally, and Dan Kelly was regarded by those who were not personally acquainted with him as a bloodthirsty ruffian. Although he was regarded as an outlaw from the time he was 17 years of age till he was 19 years at his death at Glenrowan, he killed no one, he shot no one, offered violence to no neighbour and insult to no woman.’

From ‘The Inner History of the Kelly Gang’ by J.J. Kenneally.

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