Two Chestnut Mares

In July 1879, Aaron bought a couple of horses from Edward Barry, Belle’s father, for £6. Unbeknownst to him and Belle, however, these horses had been stolen by Barry and the authorities had been attempting to track their whereabouts for some time, with Barry having since gone to Wagga Wagga.
Later, in early March 1880, Aaron and Belle rode the two chestnut mares into Beechworth, with this information quickly being passed onto the police. Aaron stabled the mare he was riding in Paddy Allen’s stable while Belle continued through the streets, where the police spotted her riding past the Vine Hotel on Sydney Road. Aaron stayed in Beechworth for a few hours and when he swaggered back into Allen’s stable, the mare was gone, replaced by a constable who demanded to know how the two stolen mares had come into his possession. Aaron informed him that he had paid for the mares legitimately nine months previously, in six £1 notes and still had the receipt to prove the sale.
Aaron appeared before the court on the 23rd of March and the following evidence was stated: ‘The two mares outside the court were his property. The receipt produced was his. Was present when it was written, and paid Barry £6 in cash. He took possession of the horses at once, and they remained with him. He rode the chestnut mare into Beechworth, and put it into Allen’s stable, and when he came back for it, it was gone. Was not married at the time he purchased the mares.’
Unfortunately for Aaron, the magistrate didn’t believe that he was ignorant to their theft and the horses were taken from him and he was forced to pay £2 2s in costs.

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