A Disgruntled Traveler

In March 1873, a visitor to Beechworth wrote to the editor of the Ovens and Murray Advertiser to express his annoyance at the lack of appropriate signage in the Woolshed. According to the disgruntled gentleman, the Woolshed was full of signage advertising shops in Beechworth, but no actual sign indicating which road one should take to get to the granite township. This caused the ‘tired, footsore and hungry’ fellow to walk around the Woolshed twice.
In his letter, he made the following rather humorous comment:
“I wonder which road it is? Perhaps that critical-looking document over against that tree will tell, faugh, “D. Wright has cheap drapery.” Now, sir, what do these rascals mean by mocking people in that fashion? Sticking on every tree to go and buy at their places in Ford Street, Beechworth, but why don’t they tell where Beechworth is?”
According to the editor, this lack of road signage was an issue even for the locals of the Woolshed Valley, which of course, Joe was one.

From the Ovens and Murray Advertiser, March 18, 1873.

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