The Cunning of Aaron Sherritt

One night, Paddy Byrne told Jack Sherritt, “Joe has been home and got some clothes, and cleared out; is not he a bloody smart fellow?” The next morning, according to Jack, “I met two of the cave party—Alexander and Armstrong—and I told them about Byrne being home last night, and they seemed like as if they were horror struck at Byrne being home and they watching” […] “It was an impossibility for Byrne to be there and them watching; but it was no impossibility at all” […] “I could go to the house, and five or six men with me, and the men not see me—creeping along the deep rise there was in front of Mrs. Byrne’s house. The men used only to watch the front of the place, but a man could get up without their seeing it” […] “They never put anybody at the front at all to watch.”

From the Royal Commission.

Illustration of Aaron and Hare by Aidan Phelan.

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