Great Straits

According to Superintendent Nicolson, during “the months of April and May, the outlaws were in the vicinity of the Greta ranges, and were reduced to great straits. Their horses were worn out, and most of them were abandoned. They were on foot, and used to conceal themselves during the day on the ranges in various parts. They were for a short time, from information I was led to believe, on the edge of the Greta Swamp […] The outlaws used to move from there back; then they would go round and get across the Ovens River by the near bridge or some of the other crossing places that make away to Sebastopol, and make away towards the Pilot Range near Wodonga at night. They used to travel until before daybreak. They were generally accompanied by their sympathizers; their immediate aids and active assistants were reduced to about four […] One of the four, I may mention their own sister; one or two of those sympathizers, when they travelled, used always to go about ahead on the look-out, and they would follow at the usual distance, just within sight.”

From Nicolson’s evidence at the Royal Commission.

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