Billiards at the Royal Mail

A week after the Euroa robbery, Joe was reported to have been seen playing billiards at the hotel by a young man who was ‘well acquainted’ with him. It was stated by the man that Joe was ‘in close conversation with one of the Lloyd family’ and that ‘when he saw he was noticed, he left the room […] before any information could be given to the police authorities.’ According to The Herald, the sighting caused ‘great excitement’ within the township and the police conducted a search which had lasted ‘all night’.

It was further noted that ‘the man Lloyd denied all knowledge of the man’, but, continued The Herald, ‘the fact remains that the man in question was in the town, and suddenly disappeared on the information being supplied to the police.’

Photo of the Pinsent Hotel (Royal Mail) is from:

2 thoughts on “Billiards at the Royal Mail

  1. Hi Georgina, so nice to see that you are very i terested in Joe,I am too. I live at Drouin but spend a lot of time when I can in the North East, it’s nice to read your columns when they arrive. Cheers Les

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