Bread and Wine

During the day on the 30th October in 1878, a selector named Gideon Mragery who resided near the Murray, noticed four horsemen close to the river while he was setting up fishing lines. 

Curious as to the identity of the four men, Margery walked down to where they were. 

‘He had some talk with them. They said at first they were police, and afterwards one of them stated that he was Kelly. They showed handcuffs, and he saw that they carried firearms in their swags, as many shearers do. He had a long talk with them, and they got some loaves of bread and a bottle of wine from him, but made no demand for provisions, and did not stick him up. He told them if they were the Kellys they had better clear out, as that was no place for them. They stayed some time at the lagoon, and kept him there with them also.’

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