Coming Soon: Ah Nam

An update on my new book by author and illustrator Aidan Phelan.

The front cover of Ah Nam, designed by Aidan Phelan.

Author Georgina Stones’ new book Ah Nam, which tells the story of an incident in the early life of outlaw Joe Byrne, is slated for a February 2022 release.

The book, which features illustrations by Aidan Phelan who was also the editor, focuses on Joe Byrne escorting a rowdy Chinese man named Ah Nam back to the Chinese Camp at Sebastopol following a brawl and the misadventures along the way.

One of Aidan Phelan’s illustrations from Ah Nam depicting historical figures Joe Byrne and William Nam Shing.

Stones has crafted the incident into an amusing and touching narrative, but has also provided a wealth of nonfictional material to complement the text. Along with contemporary imagery and news articles, Stones includes nonfiction chapters on key figures in the story, including the prostitutes of Beechworth.

The book will be available through IngramSpark as an eBook and a print-on-demand hardcover release from 3 February 2022. More information will be published as it comes to hand.

3 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Ah Nam

  1. Hi Georgina
    Ive read many a book on the kelly outbreak.
    Have just come acrross yr material on joe.

    Very interesting keep up the good Work.
    Toronto N.S.W

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