Coming Soon: Joseph Byrne: From Larrikin to Outlaw

[Final design TBC]

With Ah Nam officially launched and out in the world (available through Booktopia, Amazon, et al.), my attention has turned back to the writing of my first Joe Byrne biography, ‘Joseph Byrne: From Larrikin to Outlaw‘. This biography is a cradle to grave telling of “the enforced outlaw’s” life and is the first book to focus solely on Joe and his actions. This is also the first fully non-fiction book to be published under the An Outlaw’s Journal banner, sticking to the historical record, without speculating on how or why Joe acted and felt the way he did through dramatised narratives.

In this biography, I provide transcripts from Joe’s time in court, both as witness and defendant, contemporary newspaper articles, as well as a wide range of historical images and other material to supplement the information. This work is a distillation of many years of thorough research and provides a clear, concise and accurate look at the outlaw’s life.

As the development of the biography now stands, I am at the editing phase, and regular updates will be provided on my companion Facebook page, Joseph Byrne: The Untold History.

Like Ah Nam, Joseph Byrne: From Larrikin to Outlaw will be published through IngramSpark as a print-on-demand book, and as an eBook, in conjunction with Australian Bushranging.

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