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An Outlaw’s Journal


Ah Nam

A Gift for Kate

The Haystack

A Moment in Time

A Letter to Bessie

The Cow from El Dorado

Love and Threats

The Two Kings

Ah Suey

Bound by Granite

The Road to Eleven Mile

Under London Rock

The Trouble at Sebastopol

Severed Ties

A Smile from Julia

Memories of Cornwall

An Outlawed Son

An Outlawed Life

A Widow’s Son

A Visit to Maggie

The Whispers of Beechworth

Stolen Lines

An Outlaw’s Burden


The Scarf


Fragments of an Outlaw’s Journal




Maggie: The Woman who loved Joe Byrne

A Weekend in Jerilderie.

The Day Ned Kelly Wrote to the Herald

“I Never Quite Liked Joe…”

Aaron Sherritt: A Forgotten Life (Part One)

A Portrait of Joe

I Have a Heart But it’s as Hard as Stone

What Compels Me to Joe Byrne

Forgotten Flames

Murder at Sebastopol

Dear Joe

The Kelly Gang from Within