An Encounter on Oxley Road

Shortly after the tragedy at Stringybark Creek, James Wallace was traveling along the Oxley road with a few friends, when Joe passed them riding Music, headed in the direction of Sebastopol.During the Royal Commission, Wallace recounted the following:'I met Byrne one moonlight night on the Oxley road, going in the direction of Sebastopol from Greta. … Continue reading An Encounter on Oxley Road

The Ranges of Strathbogie

Out in the ranges of Strathbogie,We do fiercely roam,The caves we seek, our hiding place,Are a wild and barren home.Two thousand pounds are on my head,The bloodhounds on my track.I’ll make them pay and rue the dayTheir mothers gave them birth.I’ll shoot them down like prowling dingo, hawk or carrion crow,Or any other miscreant that … Continue reading The Ranges of Strathbogie