An Encounter on Oxley Road

Shortly after the tragedy at Stringybark Creek, James Wallace was traveling along the Oxley road with a few friends, when Joe passed them riding Music, headed in the direction of Sebastopol.During the Royal Commission, Wallace recounted the following:'I met Byrne one moonlight night on the Oxley road, going in the direction of Sebastopol from Greta. … Continue reading An Encounter on Oxley Road

A Bottle of Brandy from Moon’s Pioneer Hotel

Early in the hours of the 28th October 1878, having ridden across the rain drenched Oxley Flats from Greta, Joe knocked at the door of Moon’s Pioneer Hotel, while the other three waited across the road on horseback, and purchased a bottle of brandy. Briefly warmed by the liquor, they rode across the bridge toward … Continue reading A Bottle of Brandy from Moon’s Pioneer Hotel

The Planned Robbery of the Oxley Bank

During the harsh winter of 1879, as desperate for money as they were for warmth and shelter, the Kelly Gang turned their attention toward another robbery. Their bank of choice on this occasion was the Oxley bank. However, after careful planning by Joe and scouting of the bank by trusted sympathisers, the plan was discarded, … Continue reading The Planned Robbery of the Oxley Bank